WhatsApp Is Now Sharing Your Data with Facebook, but Opting Out Doesn't Solve the Problem

When Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19.3 billion back in 2014, we all knew this was coming—it just took longer than we thought. But starting today, the data mining became official, and now, information from your favorite messaging app is no longer out of reach for the world’s biggest social media site. Once you have accepted … [Read more…]

Dexmo's Exoskeleton Gloves Let You Touch & Feel Things That Don't Exist

One of the disadvantages of the digital world is that you can’t pick it up and touch it. While that can feel like less of a problem in virtual reality, where you’re already holding controllers, mixed reality environments—like the one you’d experience in Microsoft’s HoloLens—suffer from a lack of physical connection with the digital objects … [Read more…]

How Face Tracking & Augmentation Technology Works

Thanks to Snapchat, we’re all familiar with face swapping and augmentation thanks to some clever, fun technology. But that’s just the beginning, because this kind of augmented reality can do so much more. We spoke to Peter Busch, VP of Business Development at Faceware Technologies and Image Metrics. You can check out the full interview … [Read more…]

You No Longer Have to Wait to Buy a Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft recently announced that they’re producing HoloLens units fast enough to keep up with demand, which means you can acquire up to five dev kits right now—if you’ve got the $3,000 fee for each one. The HoloLens will likely cost a good amount less after Microsoft makes it an official consumer product and not a … [Read more…]